Make a reservation

You can book the different areas of the Vestingbar. We are flexible in organizing different kinds of drinks and events: most things can be arranged in consultation. It is also possible to have a much bigger party in the Vestingbar, we can host parties for more than 300 people. And do you want to watch a movie or have a meeting with your association? That can also be arranged!

Renting the bar costs €20 per hour per staff member, but for every €70 consumed, we give you a discount of €20 on the rent.
The costs of the drinks are same the as our normal prices and we can provide snacks, this can be indicated on the form. Ordering can be done during the drink itself.
Payment by invoice is possible, but our preference is that you pay by cash or debit card immediately after the drink.
If you make a reservation for an association, please fill in the name in the “Association name” field.

Are you interested in reserving a drink or activity?
You can request a reservation by using the form below or for more information send an email to

For a proper handling of the reservation, we ask you to make the reservation at least two weeks before the date of the event. We will do our best to give a response within 3 working days.

Fields with a * are mandatory.

There are no binding agreements after completing the reservation form.

A Vestingbar employee will contact you to confirm the reservation and to ask or answer any questions.