How do we work

The Vestingbar is not a typical bar. We are run completely by a group of enthusiastic students, who are all a member of the association “De Gevreesde Koe” (The Feared Cow). All the members (currently we are with 40) are responsible for running the bar. To run this smoothly (from serving beer and playing music to organizing big events) we divided the work into five “Divisions”. These are:

  1. Bartenders Division
    These are the most visible members of the Vestingbar. They’ll serve you your well deserved beer or delicious hamburger when you’re hungry at 2 AM, or even a coke or other soft drink when you don’t like beer. We also have a broad selection of special beers (around 50). You can always ask the bartender for some advice if you want to try something else!
  2. DJ  Division
    It doesn’t matter if it’s dance, house, disco, rock, metal of happy hardcore, our DJs know what you want to hear! They make you dance on your favorite songs, or maybe let you feel a bit guilty you still go crazy on a song from 15 years ago. They also know when it’s time to put an end to a fantastic night and put on the Piano Man.
  3. Security Division
    These guys are responsible for the safety on our bigger nights. You can recognize them by their yellow shirts. They will show the door to people who are disturbing the evening and make you feel safe again. They will also take care of you if you fall down from your bar stool or stumble over your own feet and make sure you get home safe!
  4. Events Division
    Of course there’s enough work “Backstage” as well. The members in our Events Division know how to manage the lights and sound, assist a live band performing or build up a dance podium. They will also come up with themed nights (like Halloween or St. Patrick’s Day) and turn the bar into something completely different. They also know how to build a DJ-booth on our terrace or in the Atrium to create more party areas!
  5. Technical Division
    The Technical Division is responsible for all the maintenance in the bar. This can be changing a failing light or fixing a bar stool, but even the bar you’re sitting at is built by these guys.

Besides our divisions we also have a Board. They take care of all the internal and external communication and they always know what’s happening in the bar. They will also be the first people you’ll speak with if you sign up to become a member!

On top of that we also have several committees responsible for things like Promotion (no party without flyers, posters and some social media attention), Special Beers (our assortment of special beers constantly changes), the Website Committee and several others!

Al these people are responsible for making the Vestingbar a successful student bar on the campus for more than 50 years now! Interested in becoming a member? Fill in a bar coaster in the Vestingbar or fill in our online form!